People move heaven and earth for their kids!

People move heaven and earth for their kids! Sometimes it is warranted, sometimes not. I am no perfect parent! I have been known to have a life after kids! One of my close friends had kids a couple of years back. She had twins! Now I know that can be overwhelming for sure! I have one 7 yr old and another 1 yr old and that is bad enough! But my friend stopped living after she had kids! I am so amazed at her. I have not seen her in over a year and a half. Because she has kids, who cry when placed in a car seat! I have tried to convince her that is not reason enough to stop living her life! But maybe I am not convincing enough!
Some people take it to the extremes, some not so much! I have another friend who refuses to have a date night, find a baby sitter or even go to the gym for an hour! She does mommy and me classes, mommy and me date nights going to kid friendly places, she takes trips with her baby, works from home and has little me time in her life! I usually like moderation in my life. However, lately I have been like my second friend, always being a mommy + 1 or sometimes + 2 package deal! But I enjoy the occasional break and I definitely long for me time!
I called both my friends today to tell them about this wonderful find. Maybe that will give them some time to relax, to get away from the madness while keeping their infants safe from trouble. Maybe this will give them the inclination to take a break occasionally. Maybe this will tell them it is okay to do something for yourself even after you have kids. Your kids won’t blame you for it, and it might just make you a better person. And more selfishly maybe I will be able to have a much needed girl’s night out with these ladies eventually!
So I intend to get these wonderful women Lapiluv. The wearable activity center that doubles as a play mobile for your child. An apron like that holds toys and technology to keep your child occupied. An apron that encourages you to keep your child on your lap while you get some much needed R&R (Recreation and Relaxation). An apron like no other… that is lapiluv. I am going to pre-order mine and couple more for my dear friends today at Hurry, get yours today!

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