My kids have a mind of their own

My kids have a mind of their own. So much, we stopped going to the toy store. For years we would take my son to Toysrus and look at fun educational toys only to be told that they won’t do at all. So we would pick up a big bulky fire engine and bring it home. The next time we go, you would think we would buy a toy we like! But no, now he wants the fire engine right next to the one we took home last week. This one is bigger and has lights! Are you kidding me? I want to ask. But try telling a two year old that the fire engines are the same and therefore redundant. “They are not redootaa” I was told because “One has lights and the others don’t”!
We saw history repeat itself recently at Babiesrus! Our baby is turning into a little independent monster. So we lugged home yet another stuffed dog. This one was pink and about the size of her and adorns our couch. Every kid who visits uses the dog as a throne to sit on! I learned the lesson a long time ago though. I avoid toy stores when I want to buy my child a toy! I go online! That way you find something that works for both of you, and what kid has not liked a toy I ask you?
The best way to pick a toy is find the editor’s pick. They usually have a standard and tested method to pick the best toys in the market. And they do their due diligence and research so you don’t have to fret! I recently stumbled across this website that has some really cool editor’s picks – The coolest thing is that they have a very meticulous methodology for picking their toys and they detail the steps on their website (Here – Last week they picked this unique apron/ tool called Lapiluv.
A wonderful way of spending more quality time with your kids, stepping up the interactive play or even getting a few minutes of respite while your child stays close. It’s a toy you will love for its versatility and uniqueness. A toy your kid will love for the exploratory avenues it opens up for him. This is something you can enjoy as a family. Read more and order yours today at

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