Give your child the lapiluv advantage

When a child is born every parent makes a promise. A parent to cherish, nourish and protect the little one. We give them every advantage possible to our means. We try to bring our child up in this world to be a wholesome individual. In this age of virtual baby sitters and online classrooms, it is hard. It is very tempting to turn on Barney for feeding time, or to turn on the DVD player on a long car ride. And we all do that at some time or the other! Because it is the era of the media. But then when do you interact with your kid? And when you interact how do you give him the advantage of learning, development and your care?
We live in a fast world and a very competitive world. Whether you want it or not, this is where the kid will grow: The age of intelligence, creativity and leadership. Their peers will be the next generation’s inventors, independent thinkers, creative entrepreneurs, new age leaders. And as a parent we want our child to have every advantage the next child has. We want to open every door we can, we want to lead them, drive them towards success. For a well adjusted individual is a successful individual, and a successful individual is a happy individual.
So whether you are raising an engineer, a doctor, a scientist, a lawyer, an artist or a politician here is where it starts. On your lap, that is where the development starts. That is where the path is forged, that is where the future begins. So give your child the best advantage. Give him lapiluv. An interactive loving platform that will keep his creative juices flowing. Make the best use of your time with him. Make the time you spend with your little one count. Give him the tools to hone his development. Show him your love, and assure him with your warm touch. Keep him on your lap while he plays and explores. Open him to a world of exploration, a world of possibilities, a world of color, textures and sounds. Something for all his senses – lapiluv. Find out more and order yours today. Log on to

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