Being a parent is very stressful

Being a parent is very stressful. And I am not talking about the time when your teenage daughter brings the punk with the tattoo home! That is stressful nevertheless, however I am talking about the beginning of the parental journey (even if all we are doing is preparing for that day)! When your bundle of joy arrives, you hold him tight and promise that you will always be there for him! Two months pass with sleepless nights, enraptured by the tiny limbs and waiting to hear the baby coos! Then your baby starts gazing at you, gives you her very first smile and holds your finger with her chubby paw! But alas the maternity break is over and it is time to hit the daily grind!
Your boss is understanding and lets you work from home! But hey who are we kidding, that tears you apart even more ! Now you have a baby who wants to be on your lap, but you have a job to do! And soon baby is getting bored and fretting! Welcome to the stress and trials of motherhood! Or so you think!
But don’t you fret! Lapiluv is here! A unique apron that you can strap on with ease, while you work! Your baby can now spend her time on your lap getting entertained! The myriad toys that clip on to it, are educative, entertaining and sure to be a hit with your little star! And there is more! Hook your IPad, Table and IPhone and it becomes a portable media center! The little munchkin can play all he wants, watch colors go by or even be lulled to sleep! Mothers’ no longer need to stress … a tleast not about this! The punk guy… maybe there is a way! Learn a martial art today.
For a less stressful parenthood, order your lapiluv today at Also available for pre-order before launch!

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