Created by a mother with considerable experience with the latest “hi-tech” innovations, combines the power of play with technology.

Lapiluv was created by Patricia Martin White. Necessity is the mother of invention and in the case of Patricia a new, first-time mother, and talented graphic designer came to her as an inspiration. Patricia has an eye for design and has been creating brands and websites for small businesses for over seven years. She has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug since she moved to the United States from her native country of Spain.

As she held her new baby on her lap while working at the computer, Patricia asked herself: how can I interact with my baby, on my lap, eye-to-eye, with toys he can hold, squeeze, chew and grab and actually create an interactive play experience? For one thing it was easier to keep the baby facing her so she could gaze into his eyes. It would also be great to not have all the toys end up on the floor, over and over again. And what if the computer screen she was using that provided hours of colorful images, sounds and stories could be a part of the experience? What if she could leverage her iphone or ipad and create a wearable technology and play system?

Families today can enjoy The only interactive wearable technology for parents and children.
Changing the way, children, parents and technology play together forever…