“Every kid is different”

“Every kid is different” parents always told me. So I should not have been surprised when my second one came around. She is as different from her brother as chalk and cheese. When my husband and I have to do something at the same time, we split up and take one kid each. I tell him he always gets the easy one, my son! I have to deal with the naughtier more demanding little one. Given that my daughter is younger and still a baby. But still every day she shows me how life is going to be so much different now she is here!
I was cleaning the house today; she stood in her room with a gate blocking her way out! Yelling at the top of her voice “Hi Theethee”. Yes that is how I am called apparently. The other day at the park her brother played with his friends… my little penguin walker ran behind him trying to keep up while waddling. “Attti” she yells to be heard. My son traces back a circle to her and pats her lovingly on the back. She is delighted “Atti” she yells again!
Life with the little imp means there is never a dull moment. When I finished cleaning this morning, I found her room had been completely trashed. The bed linen had been lost, pillows had been dragged all around the room, toys occupied every nook and cranny, and some toy had been decimated into unrecognizable pieces. This is my 1 year old for you?
I am a writer… I used to work in corporate America but decided to spend more time with the kids and started doing something I love. Writing! There is no better gift than doing something you love for a profession. But when? That is the big question. I type this as my daughter takes another of her short power naps, she will be up and about again. And my son will be home from school, dinner will need to be on the table. Mind Boggling isn’t it?
As these worries of despair ran through my mind, a friend introduced me to Lapiluv. Now there is a way, I feel I can dream again. And I have hope that I can live my dream. Lapiluv is a multi-purpose apron that has clip on toys, that will strap on to the shoulder and maybe my daughter will let me get some work done. And what’s more it incorporates technology in it too. With little see through pockets for the I Phone and IPad, my daughter will get to play with her favorite toys, watch movies and be entertained. All while I get my work done. How fun is that! Available for pre-order today before launch. Go to www.lapiluv.com now!

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